May 2009 Meeting

The first meeting of the FRIB Users Group was held at Saturday, May 30 - Sunday, May 31, 2009, at Argonne National Lab, Argonne, Illinois. Information on the entire meeting can be found at this link.

Meeting Summary

The summary of the entire meeting is still being drafted. The summary of the meeting of the session on nuclear astrophysics is complete and now posted here.

Meeting Agenda

A two hour discussion session (with this brief powerpoint summary) and more complete text summary was held on nuclear astrophysics at the FRIB Users Group meeting. This session, organized by Hendrik Schatz (MSU), Jeff Blackmon (LSU), and Ken Nollett (ANL), had the following agenda:

Introduction - Jeff Blackmon / Ken Nollett/ Hendrik Schatz

Key questions in Astrophysics for the FRIB era - Jim Truran, Univ. of Chicago

Decay properties/CERDA - Sean Liddick, Univ. of Tennessee

AT-TPC - Abigail Bickley, Michigan State Univ.

Weak Rates - George Perdikakis, Michigan State Univ.

Direct (p,gamma) Measurements and Recoil Separators - Michael Smith, ORNL

Separator for Capture Reactions [SECAR] - Manoel Couder, Notre Dame

(alpha,p) rates and ANASEN - Jeff Blackmon, LSU

Indirect techniques/HELIOS - Ernst Rehm, ANL

Gas targets - Uwe Greife, Colorado School of Mines


Powerpoint Summary - Hendrik Schatz (presented to the entire FRIB User Meeting on Sunday May 31)

Text Summary - Hendrik Schatz, Ken Nollett, Jeff Blackmon