October 2009 Meeting

A meeting of the FRIB Users Organization was held on Thursday, Oct. 15, as part of the APS Division of Nuclear Physics Meeting. This immediately followed a meeting of the RIKEN RIBF facility in the same room. The Agenda of the FRIB session was:

1) Welcome (Konrad Gelbke, MSU)
2) FRIB status and the schedule to CDR (Brad Sherrill, MSU)
3) Report from first FRIB Users Workshop at ANL May 30-31 2009 (Kim Lister, ANL)
4) Science Advisory Committee and the February 2010 Equipment Workshop
(Rick Casten, Yale)
5) Progress at other RIB facilities (CARIBU, HOLIFIELD etc ...
(Witek Nazarewicz, UT/ORNL; Robert Janssens, ANL)
6) FRIB Users Organization Business: Elections, Website,
Science case for CDR etc., (Erich Ormand, LLNL)

When available, we will post a summary of this meeting.

The FRIB Users Organization website will also have information on this meeting; that web site is currently being redesigned and should be online soon.