Nuclear Experiments

FRIB will enable some pioneering experiments in nuclear astrophysics, measurements that will provide crucial information needed to understand how stars explode as well as numerous other astrohysical phenomena.

Astrophysics-motivated experiments will be carried out at all the experimental halls at FRIB, over a very wide range of beam energies and species.

Different types of astrophysics-motivated experiments that will be carried out at FRIB include:

• direct measurements of capture reactions (with the SECAR separator)

• transfer reaction measurements (with JENSA gas jet target, and with the ISLA separator)

• scattering reaction measurements (with JENSA and ANASEN)

• mass measurements

• decay measurements

• nuclear structure measurements

• fast beam knockout reactions (with the HRS spectrometer)

More information will be posted here on each of these reaction types.

It is desirable to formulate a list of representative FRIB experiments for each of these categories to help to continue to make the science case for FRIB and to determine performance specifications on experimental equipment.

There are a number of review articles describing some of these experiments. One such article is M.S. Smith and K.E. Rehm, "Nuclear Astrophysics Measurements with Radioactive Beams", Ann. Reviews Nuclear Particle Science 51 (2001) 91 - 130.

Please contact us with suggestions and writeups for representative FRIB nuclear astrophysics experiments.