SECAR Archives


A number of older SECAR presentations are linked below.

"Design of a New Recoil Separator for Measurements of Radiative Capture Reactions in Astrophysics", SECAR poster abstract, OMEG10 Symposium, March 2010

"SECAR", Manoel Couder, May 2009 FRIB workshop

"Recoil Separators for Capture Reaction Measurements", Michael Smith, May 2009 FRIB workshop

"Recoil Separator", Manoel Couder, August 2008 MSU workshop

"Recoil Separators & Approaches for Low Energy Nuclear Astrophysics Measurements", Michael Smith, August 2008 MSU workshop

Poster on SECAR, May 2009 RNB8 Symposium

"Gas Target Systems", Uwe Greife, May 2009 FRIB workshop

"ANASEN", Jeff Blackmon, May 2009 FRIB workshop