Unstable nuclei play a very important role in numerous astrophysical scenarios -- for example, the explosion of stars. For this reason, astrophysics will play a crucial role in research carried out at FRIB.

Astrophysical Sites

Some of the exciting astrophysical sites where information on radioactive nuclei is desperately needed include:

Core Collapse Supernovae


X-ray Bursts

Thermonuclear Supernovae

Other Sites

Focus Areas

To help ensure that the highest priority work is pursued at FRIB, and that the astrophysical impact of completed research is fully investigated, a broad, interdisciplinary nuclear astrophysics collaboration is needed. The FRIB Astrophysics Collaboration will involve research in areas such as:

Astrophysical Sites and Theory

Nuclear Experiments

Experimental Equipment

Nuclear Theory

Astronomical Observations

Data Evaluation, Processing, and Visualization

The pages above provide a framework for our discussions of the science issues relevant for nuclear astrophysics at FRIB. Please contact us with your suggestions for research topics.