A wide variety of experimental equipment will be utilized in nuclear astrophysics research at FRIB. One major piece of equipment is a recoil separator optimized for direct measurements of low-energy capture reactions. The Separator for Capture Reactions (SECAR) will be designed for these measurements that are crucial for understanding novae and X-ray bursts. For more details on this recoils separator system, please visit the website.

Another major piece of instrumentation at FRIB useful for nuclear astrophysics (as well as other areas) will be a gas jet target system. The JENSA collaboration -- Jet Experiments in Nuclear Structure and Astrophysics has been formed for researchers interested developing in a H and He gas jet target with a high density (1e19 atoms/cm2) and jet diameter (approximately 2 mm) matched to the FRIB beam. Please see our JENSA page for more information on development of gas jet target experimental systems.

Another device that will be used at FRIB for nuclear astrophysics measurements is ANASEN; more information on this array of charged particle detectors can be found in this presentation from the May 2009 meeting.

More information on other devices will be added to this site, and other systems can be found on other pages on the main FRIB site.

Please contact us with your suggestions for additional entries for equipment for nuclear astrophysics research at FRIB.